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MSC Global Healthcare Management students enjoy leadership and networking activities at Anderton Centre

The University of Bolton’s MSC Global Healthcare Management enjoyed the great outdoors in a series of leadership and networking activities at the Anderton Centre.

The centre’s focus on peer learning and fun-filled experiences around leadership and management skills left a lasting impact on the students.

The visit to the Anderton Centre in Chorley, which is part of the University of Bolton Group, was a celebration of the students’ learning and achievements. It is also aimed at enhancing their learning journey for the MBA7058 L&M module.

Learning outcomes three and four of the module required the students to systematically examine and reflect on their leadership disposition, skills, and behaviours, as well as identify personal and professional leadership goals and devise strategies for their attainment.

Under the guidance of Clare Swarbrick, Postgraduate Programmes Director, the University collaborated closely with the Anderton Centre team to ensure that the activities aligned with the module’s learning outcomes.

By incorporating problem-solving activities, students were able to apply the knowledge and skills they had acquired in a practical and engaging manner

Clare said: “Outdoor learning can enhance academic achievement and provide an opportunity for hands-on practical learning experiences in a fun, engaging environment.

“We worked with the Anderton Centre team to explore the module learning outcomes and create activities that would enable the students to explore their own leadership styles. It was a great success.”

The Anderton Centre, based at Rivington Reservoir, provided the students with a unique platform to engage in experiential learning.

Through a variety of team-building exercises, problem-solving challenges, and leadership simulations, the students were able to strengthen their interpersonal skills, develop effective communication strategies and foster a sense of camaraderie and belonging to The Institute of Medicine.

As the University of Bolton continues to innovate and provide comprehensive educational experiences, the collaboration with the Anderton Centre is a shining example of how outdoor learning can enhance academic achievement while fostering personal and professional development.

The Global Healthcare Management students returned from the experience with newfound confidence, valuable skills and a deeper understanding of their own leadership potential.

For more information about the University of Bolton’s MSC Global Healthcare Management program and its commitment to holistic learning experiences, please visit or call 01204 903239.