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Workshop on Managing Common ENT Problems in Primary Care and Otoscopy is praised at Institute of Medicine

The Institute of Medicine at The University of Bolton hosted a highly successful workshop on ‘Managing Common ENT Problems in Primary Care and Otoscopy’.

The sessions, held on 30 June, were aimed at General Practitioners (GPs), GP Trainees, Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs), and paramedics.

It provided a comprehensive platform for healthcare professionals to enhance their skills in the diagnosis, treatment, and management of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) conditions.

With an increasing demand for specialised care in primary care settings, the workshop aimed to equip participants with the tools and knowledge to effectively manage common ENT problems.

Led by a team of esteemed ENT specialists and experienced instructors, the sessions covered practical approaches to diagnosing and treating common ENT conditions, including sinusitis, ear infections and tonsillitis.

Participants also had the opportunity to enhance their skills in otoscopy, a fundamental technique for examining the ear.

The workshop’s interactive format enabled attendees to exchange insights and experiences.  
Small group sessions also allowed participants to practise otoscopy under the guidance of expert mentors, ensuring hands-on learning experiences.

There was an emphasis on case studies and real-world scenarios, which provided valuable context for applying the acquired knowledge in everyday practice.

Course organiser, Mr Vikas Malik said: “Throughout the workshop, the participants approached every session with enthusiasm and a genuine desire to understand the intricacies of the ENT field. Their engagement and active participation created a really positive learning environment for everyone involved.”

Feedback from the attendees was overwhelmingly positive, with particular praise for the expertise and teaching abilities of the faculty.

Feedback included from attendees included:

“Excellent material, the reputable staff from the Bolton Trust provided a much-needed overview of the continuity of care between GP and secondary care.”

“Brilliant ENT course delivered by knowledgeable and friendly experts! Interactive and concise despite covering a huge range of topics! I would recommend this course to anyone looking to refresh their knowledge and ENT skills or wanting to increase their confidence in diagnosis and management of common ENT problems.”

The Institute of Medicine continues to demonstrate its dedication to equipping healthcare professionals with the skills necessary to deliver optimal patient care.

The Institute of Medicine plans further similar workshops and training programmes to address the evolving needs of healthcare professionals. With a focus on enhancing primary care skills and fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, we strive to empower healthcare providers to deliver comprehensive and patient-centred care.

For more information on upcoming workshops and training programs, please visit or call 01204 903239.