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University of Bolton hosts surgical training course to enable medics to treat injured in Gaza

Doctors from all over the world are learning the skills to save the lives of those injured in the conflict in Gaza at a special course hosted by the University of Bolton.

The University has been the venue for four days of training, led by the David Nott Foundation, which demonstrates how to deal with trauma caused in war zones.

This can include anything from bomb blast and gunshot wounds to severe crush injuries caused by collapsing buildings.

During the hostile environment surgical training course, doctors from different hospitals and as far away as Sri Lanka and Denmark, learned about every field of trauma surgery.

Doctors practised their techniques on ‘Heston’, a one-of-a-kind human war wound simulator, 3D-printed kidneys, silicone hearts, blood vessels, tracheas and bones. It prepared them to head to the Gaza strip in Palestine to assist with saving the lives of thousands of injured civilians.

Hirron Fernando, a doctor from Glasgow, said: “We are living in a volatile world, these skills will help all who need them, and we are here all for humanity.”

He said he knew of colleagues who went to Gaza and were killed helping others. “That’s the price we have to pay, but I am willing to pay that price,” he said.

Each of the doctors has made their own plans to volunteer in Palestine through different organisations.

The David Nott Foundation is the only humanitarian charity delivering surgical training to doctors working in countries impacted by conflict and catastrophe.

It has trained more than 1,500 doctors in the world’s most dangerous countries, including Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan and Ukraine. They used innovative teaching tools made by designers in collaboration with the charity’s co-founder, renowned war surgeon Professor David Nott.

Tim Law, the Foundation’s Chief Operating Officer, said: “The University of Bolton has great facilities and we are delighted they have been so forward thinking and keen to help a charity which is providing vital help to those in need.”

Professor George E Holmes, DL, President and Vice Chancellor, said: “This exciting partnership between University of Bolton, Greater Manchester, and the David Nott Foundation underscores our unwavering commitment to addressing the needs of the diverse communities that we serve.

“As we look forward to seeing our new undergraduate medical courses approved by the General Medical Council this year, this collaboration is highly valued.”

In December, other facilities in Bolton were used by the Foundation in conjunction with the organisation PalMed to upskill 42 doctors, many of whom also planned to travel to Palestine to offer their help.